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7 Incredible Hotels In Venice With Pools

Looking for the best hotels in Venice with pools?

Ah, Venice, La Serenissima! A floating world of canals, bridges, and gondoliers. While this city remains a gorgeous Adriatic gem, the large numbers of tourists that descend upon it these days make it essential to have a reposeful bolt hole where you can escape the crowds. That’s where this post on hotels in Venice with swimming pools comes in!

We’ve travelled all over Italy, but Venice remains utterly inimitable, from the marble-fronted waterside palazzos to the fabled glass-making workshops of Murano. The profusion of winding alleyways and hidden courtyards mean you can still occasionally find a quiet spot to contemplate the history of this once-powerful city-state.

To help you decide where to stay, we’ve put together a short list of some of the best hotels in Venice Italy with pools. These run the gamut of styles, from boutique Venice hotels with indoor pool facilities to expansive resorts that boast seasonal outdoor swimming areas.

TOP Pick Of Hotels In Venice With Pools

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Top pick of hotels with pools in Venice


Located in the Cannaregio district, Hotel Giorgione is antique splendour boasting elegant suites and fantastic facilities.

Other best choices:

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🌟 TOP LUXURY PICK 📍 Nolinski Venezia ➡️ CHECK RATES

Best Hotels With Pools In Venice

While there might not be that many hotels in Venice with pools, the ones that do offer swimming facilities tend to do so in grand style. Whether squirrelled away amidst quaint alleyways or sprawling across entire islands, each property offers something unique to tourists visiting the unique city of waterways.

#1 JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa – One of The Most Luxurious Hotels In Venice Italy With Pool.

Set on the private island of Isola delle Rose, the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is a five-star escape situated away from the bustle of the main Venetian hub.

LOCATION | While the hotel is on its own island, there is a free shuttle that ferries guests to a private dock near St. Mark’s Square, taking just 15 minutes to cross the lagoon.

FACILITIES | Few hotels in Venice with pools have the luxury of so much space to work with. There are four restaurants, three bars, and three outdoor pools, including a rooftop swimming area and a water space designed specifically for families. Rounding out the amenities is a beautiful spa and a sizable fitness centre.

ROOMS | The rooms at the JW Marriott exude contemporary style, with the plants, paintings, and lamps sprinkled throughout lending an elegant hauteur to the accommodation. Splash out for a larger room and spend your restful hours on your own private patio or terrace.

#2 Hotel Giorgione – Traditional Ambiance in A Compact Boutique.

Where the JW Marriott is all modern sophistication, the Hotel Giorgione is antique splendour. Drawing upon the 18th-century history of the building, it’s one of the more traditional Venice hotels with outdoor pool access.

LOCATION | The Rialto Bridge is just five minutes walk away from the property, which is innocuously situated down an unassuming street in the Cannaregio district.

FACILITIES | The inner courtyard is the focal point of the Hotel Giorgione. It’s here that guests can lounge in the outdoor pool, enjoy the complimentary breakfast, share a romantic evening meal or simply sunbathe during the hottest parts of the day. There are also several communal rooms indoors where you can take the load off during the winter months.

ROOMS | The accommodation here leans towards the compact end of the spectrum for hotels in Venice with pools, though there’s plenty of gilt in evidence to lend this four-star property the impression of luxury.

#3 Hotel Cipriani – 5-Star Glamour with An Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool.

Owned by the luxury chain Belmond, the Hotel Cipriani has one of the largest pools in Venice, surrounded by greenery and looking out on the lagoon.

LOCATION | Situated on Giudecca Island, there’s a private hotel boat that runs to St. Mark’s Square in five minutes, as well as public transport options in the form of Vaporetto (the local waterbus). If you prefer to stay in Giudecca for evening meals, there’s a handful of nearby restaurants within walking distance, as well as some small shops.

FACILITIES | One of the most decadent hotels with pool Venice has to offer, the Hotel Cipriani boasts not just a large outdoor, heated saltwater pool but also a wellness centre, several restaurants (including a fine dining Italian), and our personal favourite, the informal Cip’s Club: a floating wooden terrace that gazes across the water at the Piazza San Marco.

ROOMS | A light palette of eggshell and beige dominates most of the rooms, which are accented with gilded chandeliers and tasteful paintings. Even the smallest option is a substantial 323 square feet.

#4 San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice – Best for Romantic Getaways And Weddings.

Another hotel with its own private island, the San Clemente Palace Kempinski, occupies a site that historically was dominated by a monastery. Today, the restored 12th-century church remains in situ, providing an ideal place for couples to marry before celebrating their reception within the opulent surroundings of the modern hotel next-door.

LOCATION | While the hotel is splendidly isolated on San Clemente Island, there’s a free watercraft shuttle that runs to St. Mark’s Square.

FACILITIES | Among the most exclusive Venice hotels with pools, the Kempinski provides a broad range of restaurants, bars, and wellness facilities, including a tennis court, a fitness area, and a spa with a sauna and steam room. The pool itself stretches to 21.5 metres in length and is open from mid-April to October.

ROOMS | The San Clemente Palace Kempinski is a sizable property, so there’s a broad range of room types available, from the 322-square-foot superior rooms with garden views to the lagoon palazzo with its six-bedroom, 3,230-square-foot floor plan.

#5 Suite Ravà – San Marco With Pool – A Comfortable Pied A Terre In The Heart Of Venice.

What we like best about the Suite Rava is not actually its outdoor hot tub but how much space – almost 650 square feet – you get for such a central Venetian location and for a very reasonable price.

LOCATION | St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, and the gothic Basilica San Maria Gloriosa dei Frari are all less than 10 minutes walk away.

FACILITIES | Exposed beams add a little character to the lounge/dining area/kitchenette, which features an oven, dining table, flat-screen TV and sofa bed.

ROOMS | Compared to conventional hotels in Venice with pools, Suite Rava allows you to spread out across two floors. The outdoor terrace comes with a hot tub that is enclosed by the surrounding buildings so that you can enjoy some sun in tranquillity.

Hotels With Rooftop Pool Venice

Compared to other Italian cities, only a handful of hotels in Venice with pools offer rooftop swimming. With relatively slim pickings, there are just two properties that we feel are truly worth highlighting. Both, however, offer unbeatable views from within beautifully designed buildings that are bound to leave you with fantastic memories.

#6 Hilton Molino Stucky Venice – One of The Best 5 Star Hotels With Pools In Venice Italy.

Occupying a former flour mill, the striking red brick façade of the Hotel Molino Stucky is instantly recognizable on the Venetian Lagoon, its architectural style straddling the modern and traditional eras with aplomb.

LOCATION | A hotel shuttle service is available to ferry guests between Giudecca and Piazza San Marco for 15 euros per person per stay. Alternatively, the public vaporetto also connects Giudecca with other Venetian islands.

FACILITIES | There are several restaurant and bar spaces here, but our favourite is Aromi, which has a lovely summer terrace right on the lagoon. The property also boasts a spa with a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a Turkish bath, and five treatment rooms, as well as the piece de resistance: the rooftop swimming pool with views over the cityscape.

ROOMS | The Hilton Molino Stucky is one of the largest Venice Italy hotels with pools, offering a grand total of 379 rooms, from compact twins to sprawling suites. Décor varies widely between the accommodation, with some rooms leaning towards bright, light furnishings and others relying on dark wood and a scarlet-imbued colour palette.

#7 Nolinski Venezia – A Jewellery Box Of A Hotel.

A sweet little property decorated using traditional Venetian stucco and plaster techniques, the Nolinski Venezia is a five-star hidey-hole right in the heart of the city.

LOCATION | The Nolinski Venezia is surrounded by luxury fashion boutiques in a trendy part of town that’s a short walk from the Piazza San Marco and the Teatro La Fenice.

FACILITIES | There are a pair of stunningly decorated restaurants here, one set in a charming internal courtyard, the other a dramatic dining room serving up fine dining fare.

In the evenings, retreat to the compact, plush bar area for an expertly mixed cocktail or relax in the gilded hot tub, where you can glimpse the glory of Venice through the panoramic windows. There’s also a spa with various decadent treatments on offer.

ROOMS | One of the most expensive hotels in Venice with pools, Nolinski Venezia, has just 43 rooms, all ostentatiously decorated with such features as mango wood panelling and hand-blown Murano glass.

Hotels In Venice With Pools: FAQ

Which area of Venice is best to stay in?

We highly recommend staying in the charming district of Dorsoduro. This area is not as crowded as the popular San Marco area but is still in close proximity to all the action.

You can explore the beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, stroll along the peaceful Zattere waterfront, and indulge in delicious Italian cuisine in the local trattorias. Dorsoduro also offers a stunning view of the city skyline, making it the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine after a day of exploring.

How expensive is it to stay in Venice Italy?

While Venice is known for being an expensive tourist destination, it can be quite affordable if you plan your trip accordingly. There are many budget-friendly accommodation options available in and around the city, but if you wish to stay on the island, prepare to spend at least €150 for a modest double room.

Why are hotels in Venice so expensive?

Why are hotels in Venice so expensive? Well, there are several factors that play into it. First, Venice is a popular tourist destination, which means that demand for lodging is high. Additionally, the city is built on water, which means that transportation and construction costs are higher. But even though the price tag might be steep, don’t let that discourage you from visiting. Once you step foot in Venice, you’ll understand why it’s worth every penny.

How many days should you spend in Venice?

We recommend spending at least two full days in Venice to get a true sense of the city. This will give you enough time to explore the charming streets and landmarks, sample delicious Italian cuisine, and take a romantic gondola ride. Of course, if you can stay longer, we highly recommend it! With its unique atmosphere and stunning beauty, Venice is sure to

Is it better to stay on Venice Island or mainland?

There are pros and cons to both options. However, speaking from our personal experience, we would definitely recommend staying on Venice Island – you’ll get closer to the real Venice, with all its charming canals, stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere just a few steps away.

Staying on the island itself is more expensive, but it’s worth paying the price to experience the true essence of the city.

How much do you tip in Venice?

There’s no set rulebook for how much to tip, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what feels right. Normally, leaving a standard 10-15% is more than appropriate, but you are welcome to tip more generously if you receive exceptional service.

It’s worth noting that in many restaurants and cafes, a service charge is already included in the bill, so extra tipping is not required.

What is so famous about Venice?

Venice is a city that is famous for a plethora of reasons. Some argue that it’s its unique architecture, while others insist that it’s charming canals and beautiful bridges. Personally, what we find inspiring about Venice is its rich history and enchanting culture.

From the Venetian masks and gondolas to the annual Carnival celebration, Venice seamlessly weaves a personal touch to every aspect of its identity. Furthermore, the city is home to some of the world’s most renowned art museums, breathtaking cathedrals, and delicious cuisine.

Why is Venice built in the water?

Back in the day, Venice was a major centre of trade, so building the city on the water made it easy to defend. The canals were like a natural moat, protecting the city from enemy attacks. But, it wasn’t just for defence.

The canals also served as the city’s major mode of transport. Boats were the major means of getting around, what with the fact that cars weren’t exactly a thing yet back then. Finally, let’s not forget that close proximity to the lagoon provided a consistent supply of fish and seafood.

What time of year is the cheapest to go to Venice?

The best time to visit Venice at a cheaper rate is during the winter months, specifically January and February. During this time, the city tends to be less crowded, which means you can score amazing deals on accommodations and flights. Plus, the weather is still relatively mild, so you won’t feel the need to bundle up in layers.

Hotels In Venice with Pools Final Word

We hope you found this guide to the best hotels in Venice with pools helpful and managed to secure a booking for your upcoming trip.

From resorts on private islands with space for Olympic-sized pools to more compact hot tubs squeezed into buildings that are hundreds of years old, there are some fantastic Venice hotels with swimming pools. True, they are not as common as in some other popular tourist destinations, but that only makes them all the more special.

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